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To’ a Tea started out as a university project with two friends that has now transformed into an entrepreneurial quest to compete against the top players in the industry. The passion behind starting To’ a Tea began when we were getting tired of the same old, boring canned cocktails on the market. They either tasted like water or chemicals that left a suspicious lingering taste in our mouths. We were looking for something that was made with actual real ingredients and was enjoyable to drink. So, we started researching trends while combining our interests, and through our intensive product testing, we discovered that boozy tea is delicious, with of course, a splash of real juice to top it off. 

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Once we had our recipe down, we started paying close attention to all other beverage labels and marketing tactics used. We realized that many brands claim to be “natural” and “preservative-free,” but when we looked at the ingredients, we were googling the words left, right and center. Our goal as a company is to be as transparent as possible with what we put in our cans because we believe you deserve to know what's in your can. We won’t try to trick you with a catchy marketing phrase like “Natural Flavour," when really, “Natural Flavours” are those that derive their aroma or flavour chemicals from plant or animal sources that are distilled and fermented or otherwise manipulated in a lab. Which to us, didn’t seem so natural.


Pineapple citrus mint is the first flavour we are releasing, with more to come. We’d also love to hear what other flavours you think we should bring into the market!


So come along the journey with us and pick up a can of To’ a Tea, flip the can over to the ingredient list, and feel confident about reading and understanding every single ingredient without any confusion or googling necessary. We welcome you to give them a try, and please let us know what you think!


Check our 'Where to Buy' page to find a retail location near you, and if you don't see your favourite store on our list, please ask for us by name so we can be in a store near you when you’re on the quest for something real.



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